Haiku + Senryu

Haiku is a seasonal, reverent celebration of a subject (nature or people) trying to make a feeling.
Senryu tends to have a victim and may be humorous or irreverant trying to make a point.
- paraphrased from Michael Dylan Welch's Graceguts

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


when the colours change
the moment seems enchanting
but beware of masks

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Nanka said...

Beautiful autumn colors with warning tones!! Heralds the coming of cold winter months!! Beautiful take on the prompt quite literally too!!

Reading Pleasure said...

Beautiful photo, Gemma. With deep words

Neelam Dadhwal said...

The warning should be heeded.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed both the photo and the haiku :)

Reshma said...

Very true Gemma, Appearances can often be deceptive... wonderfully crafted lines!!

Anonymous said...

I like "beware of masks". This is important, to see the genuine inside.

bodhisattvaintraining said...

so true..

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