Haiku + Senryu

Haiku is a seasonal, reverent celebration of a subject (nature or people) trying to make a feeling.
Senryu tends to have a victim and may be humorous or irreverant trying to make a point.
- paraphrased from Michael Dylan Welch's Graceguts

Thursday, 17 January 2013

In the spirit of Masaoka Shiki...

cold winter blast
warm red gloves on my hands
glued with white ice

glued with white heat
reaching for echoes of
cold winter blast

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Carpe Diem ~ A Daily Haiku Meme ~
In the spirit of
Masaoka Shiki

cold winter blast
a cord of a sedge hat
cut into my neck


Anonymous said...

It's hard coming up with cold winter feeling in our summer, but you've cracked it. Thank you :)

Jazzbumpa said...

Great images
Love the cold glue


Kendall Thorman said...

Cold hands are the worst. Love it!

Jennifer Cooper said...

Nice haiku pair

joanne said...

white ice, white heat......very lovely haiku duo.....

Brudberg said...

Echo of summer yet to come. thank you

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