Haiku + Senryu

Haiku is a seasonal, reverent celebration of a subject (nature or people) trying to make a feeling.
Senryu tends to have a victim and may be humorous or irreverant trying to make a point.
- paraphrased from Michael Dylan Welch's Graceguts

Sunday, 14 April 2013

I wish I could frame...

I wish I could frame
our bright skies and precious leaves
in a crystal ball

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Anonymous said...

Lovely. We could keep them safe this way.

Sankara Jayanth said...

with such brilliant haiku, you already are, don't you think? Loved it! beautiful! :)
- - -
Little Pig Gets A Visit

Anonymous said...

Nice. Perfect with the image!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

And then what would you do with them?

Cactus Shade

Siggi in Downeast Maine said...

Lovely thoughts.
Nicely written.

Nanka said...

Amazing crystal ball gazing and so much clarity too!!

Anonymous said...

Attempt should be made. Good one.

Stephen Mumble said...

Very nicely done!

Tigerbrite said...

That would look very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is better not to gaze into the future, but to embrace the present. Maybe, just maybe we can save the future that way.
I love the pgoto you chose to use with your haiku. Perfect!

Slick Yellow

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful thought and so beautifully phrased in haiku x

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