Haiku + Senryu

Haiku is a seasonal, reverent celebration of a subject (nature or people) trying to make a feeling.
Senryu tends to have a victim and may be humorous or irreverant trying to make a point.
- paraphrased from Michael Dylan Welch's Graceguts

Friday, 19 April 2013

Qutub Minar

Lighthouse at Cape Schank at the southern end of the Mornington Peninsula

tall lonely lighthouse
like the famed qutub minar
do you light prayers

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Haiku Heights ~ April Heights Haiku Month ~ Qutub Minar


Tigerbrite said...


Anonymous said...

What a nice turn on the prompt. A nice shift of thought.

Anonymous said...

A unique take on this subject. I honestly never thought about doing the challenge like this. Really nicely done.

Nanka said...

Every bit of sand and stone emits rays and kindles the heart with strains of prayers coming from the deepest alcove!!
A marvelous take on the prompt Gemma and the deeper meanings!!

Satya Rekha Ramaswamy said...

This is a very different take on the prompt... U took me aback with your lateral thinking!

Reading Pleasure said...

Great take on the prompt

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