Haiku + Senryu

Haiku is a seasonal, reverent celebration of a subject (nature or people) trying to make a feeling.
Senryu tends to have a victim and may be humorous or irreverant trying to make a point.
- paraphrased from Michael Dylan Welch's Graceguts

Sunday, 28 April 2013

my days may be grey...

my days may be grey
I may be shrouded in mist
but somewhere sun  shines

The photo above was taken on the Dromana foreshore track - December 2011.
Summer was just beginning.

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Anonymous said...

And often above the clouds!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Looking with you beyond the grey to the light!


Anonymous said...

Such a positive attitude...especially since you are losing the sun just as it comes back to us! Winter can be shrouded in mist!Sudden Sun

Judy SheldonWalker said...

Yes, but often we wish it to be on us until we get too much. We are such hard creatures to satisfy.

Very nicely said.

Anonymous said...

Enough to make one happy again.

Nanka said...

You really don't miss the smallest simplest thing, and find goodness in everything!! Soon your horizon too will turn to gold after the misty cold grey!!

photodoug said...

Is that Jonathan Livingston Seagull?

Lorri said...

What a lovely and serene capture.

Emma Major said...

beautiful and really important to remember

Lea said...

Have a wonderful day!
Lea's Menagerie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! It does seem those long gray days might never end, but thankfully they do eventually.

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